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This year's popular hair style is really quite a lot, even the stars have begun to get together to change the shape, short hair, lob head, half ball head, which one is your favorite? The latest hair style recommendation, come and pick a try.

The most popular hair style this year is the air bangs, the air bangs + Korean natural curly hair is sweet and fresh, let you change the Korean drama heroine, the coffee brown hair color is whiter and more fashionable.

The Korean-style curls with a sense of air, the mid-point plus such a fluffy wave is super feminine.

In the autumn, long hair began to be popular. In addition to hot rolls, such a medium-length hair is also a good choice, simple and refreshing.

This year's popular hair style lob head is still hot, partial lob head plus micro-volume design fashion age, air-sensing curls gorgeous upgrade wob head.

This year's short hair is also continuing to be popular. The most obvious way for the star to change the hair style is this one. A short ear hair makes you instantly lose a lot of age, and the ultra-short hair and air bangs are like a student girl.

The bobo head that girls love, is also one of the most popular hairstyles of this year. The long Liu Haijia shoulders short hair, sweet and still, and a little bit lingering.

If you like trendy short hair, try this kind of Korean short curly hair. The middle wave head and short curly hair design are playful and energetic, and the fluffy hair is fashionable and pulls the wind.

A shoulder-length medium-length perm hair style, long hair and clavicle hair style can make you fashionable and soaring, autumn, so the fluffy hair style is more feminine.