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Miss Sister's fairy scent is very attractive. This very simple side-tailed ponytail braided hair style, with a blue hair band decoration, more fresh and beautiful, it is scattered The broken hair of the bangs is more messy with more exquisite feelings!

The high-tailed ponytail has always been filled with more vitality. The shape with the twist is also more of a girlish atmosphere. The simple and clean adds a bit of sweetness, leaving a little air bangs Repairing the face, the perfect image of a fresh girl!

Or the simplest ponytail hairstyle, without more decoration, is also very simple and fluffy, in the sunshine exudes a refreshing breath, but also full of more vitality.

A bright yellow plaid shirt with a simple and clean ponytail, immediately brought everyone back to that youthful age, fresh and clean, full of more fashion, the fresh face It is the best girlish atmosphere.