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A good-looking bangs hairstyle is also very important for girls. Liu Hai can not only bring you more fashion temperament, but the most important thing is to give you a modified face. The following bangs are waiting for you. Come to the hairstyle!

Whether it's a haircut or a hairpin, the air bangs can bring you more sweetness to your hair style. The light color of the hair is matched with the fluffy air. The bangs have perfect skin-lifting effect and can make you The complexion is more natural and natural.


This pair of shoulder-length short hair and air bangs is definitely a perfect match for round-faced girls. With that full fluffy feel, make more face-lifting effects for your face, whether you are round face or square. Faces can make you even thinner.

Round-faced girls sometimes don't have to cover their faces all the time. It is also very suitable to play the advantage of a round face. A neat and clean face with short hair and a bang on the eyebrow will make you more visible. Cute and cute!