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What hairstyles are popular in autumn and winter of 2018? What are the best girls' hairstyles in autumn and winter? In the second half of 2018, you must be more beautiful for you!

Bobo head short hair style

A very neutral temperament of a wave head short hair is suitable for both the student girl and the light mature woman, and is also the most common style of a young lady. The hair is trimmed with a neck, with a sweet air bangs, the simple straight hair side is smashed to the back of the ear, the asymmetrical beauty naturally reveals, and at the same time it is very young.

Medium long curly hairstyle

Girls who like sweet temperament, this medium long curly hair type must be suitable for you, from the hair style can show your sweetest heart tenderness. The end of the hair buckle design, with a translucent Qi Liu Hai style, not only very face-lifting face, but also reveals a touch of light and feminine, a variety of styles to switch.

Long hair curls

Of course, the curly hair style is indispensable! This kind of big wave wavy hair style can be said to be the most popular girl hair style in autumn and winter. The fluffy curl is very obvious, and it is very small. It is also one of Net Red's favorite hairstyles.

Long hair small curl

The beautiful women who like the hot air style can try this egg roll perm style, which is one of the favorite hairstyles of Miss South Korea. All hair is burnt out with a small wave of curvature, with a feeling of bubbling face but not exaggerated, so the natural shawl is very beautiful, the autumn and winter hair dyed linen, brown or chocolate hair color are very versatile.