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A simple and stylish pear flower type, which can bring the fashion atmosphere to the girls, so how to take care of the pear head is more beautiful, the following fresh and beautiful Japanese pear hair type, simple The sense of style allows you to experience the fashion charm of that one, giving you more stunning temperament.

The shape of the short hair with a short face, the tail with a stylish fluffy feeling, the whole short hair style is more fashionable and temperament, and the fluffy shape can also make you slim and slim. The fashion charm that belongs to you!

This pear head shape is very temperament, the fluffy hair tail with a nice curly hair style, let this soft mid-length hair bring more fashion charm, fresh and sweet More fashionable and charming.

Fluffy and heavy pear hair type, the slightly curly bangs make the whole face look more lovely and sweet, and the supple shoulders are haircut with a slight inner buckle and curl, and feel the most beautiful and clean fashion charm!

With that Japanese-style pear flower type, the fresh air feeling of this one is bringing more fashion to this hairstyle, and the hair is only with a little fresh and elegant feeling, and the bangs are divided. Can also have more facial effects!

The split shoulders can also make you feel the fresh and sweet feeling. The fluffy air feel makes the whole hairstyle more fashionable and stylish. The fresh and clean atmosphere is the best charm display. The bangs are slightly inclined. Over the face, to modify the most beautiful fresh atmosphere.

The reddish-brown hair color is matched with the shape of the pear flower head. The fresh and sweet brings the fashion sense of the one. The tail is slightly buckled, and the bangs are slightly inclined. The slimming is slimmer and makes you look simple. There are also more stunning feelings in China.