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Idyllic lady
Let your stylish Korean hair st
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Friday, 26 October 2018
Full of elegant girlish straight hair style
Mood:  happy
Korean girls have a strong and elegant temperament, and the flowing straight hair has a light and beautiful body, which makes you more energetic. The following models are designed for you. Interested friends may wish to give it a try Straight hair style.

A Korean style straight hair style with a strong gas field outside, has already attracted you deeply, and the long hair flutters in the wind, it seems to show the feminine movement of a small woman, simple and clean clothing mix, full display Today's fashion trends.

It is best to create a lady with a straight hair style. The quiet gentle temperament is well released under long straight hair. This black long hair is also loved by many mm, which can very well modify the skin tone.


The same is not the Liu Haizhong distribution type, the straight hair cut out the shredded sense of sight, will not make the overall hairstyle become too rigid, increase the woman's lightness and softness, simple and clean has always been one of the biggest features of the Korean Department Oh.

The long hair of the shawl is one of the most common hairstyles in the Korean hair style. It is also pursued by the public. The gentle temperament of the bangs is the charm of a small woman who is lightly familiar. It is very fascinating and also repairs a piece. Exquisite cute little face.

Posted by kestoe at 2:44 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 9 October 2018
little girl hairstyle
Mood:  cool
The cute little girl will always get more people's love, but I want to keep your cute atmosphere all the time. A cute hairstyle is also very necessary. These are suitable. The cute hairstyle of the little girl makes the little girls sweet and deep in nature.

The little girl’s face will always carry the fleshy flesh and tie up two simple small balls of hair. It is also very cute and sweet. The little girl does not need more hair accessories to decorate. Simple and clean is the most Good temperament.

Or a simple short hair style is also very good, with a little fluffy feeling, with the shape of the bangs on the eyebrows makes this little girl more cute, with a simple hair band decoration, that part of the cute The feeling is heart-warming.

The little girl province of flesh and blood can't help but want to pinch it. The two simple meatballs also make her more lovely, wearing a pink little Tang suit, so cute and delicate. You are more beautiful.

The short hair on the golden hair has a fluffy feel, and the bangs tie up a little braid hairstyle, with a cute hair accessory. In the sun, the golden short hair exudes dazzling light, and the little girl’s bright smile is also very Cute!

Tie two small braids hairstyles, simply bundle behind the head, and fix the bangs with a bow hairpin. The little girl’s cute and cute is also very popular. Quietly doing it there, feeling The best cute! -

Posted by kestoe at 3:36 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 18 September 2018
Popular short hair style fashion wild
How do girls cut short hair? Which short hair style is slimming face? It is said that short-haired girls are very monotonous. If you still think so, it is definitely the correct way to open short hair. In recent years, short hair has become very popular.


Short hair style

Short hair for girls is very popular in recent years! Now in the hot summer, cutting a short hair is not only cool and dry, but also the correct way to manage short hair, and you can also make your cute and playful fashion or fashion sorcerer. In short, the Royal Sister or Lolita goddess temperament switch. The following short hair styles and colors are definitely the hottest styles of 2018.
Short hairpin

Speaking of girls short hair style, the preferred model must be this length of short hair inside buckle hair style, not only durable but also very easy to accept. Hair trimming the chin part, hot out the large C-shaped inner buckle curl, the front of the long bangs homemade out of the roll, while dyeing hair on the brown hair, instant fashion temperament UPUPUP!

Short hair

It is said that the girls who stay in neutral short hair are very boyish. Can you still say this when you see this ultra short hair? The short hair of the ear is trimmed to create a rich sense of layering. At the same time, the slight curl is applied to create a full-volume effect. The daily partial design, one side of the hair to the back of the ear, the small side of the face is very beautiful.

Posted by kestoe at 2:18 AM EDT
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Thursday, 13 September 2018
Short hair with Liu Hai Street
Mood:  cool
Liu Hai, who can match short hair, let us tell you about which street bangs are the best. Regardless of length, BOBO head or elf head, you can find the most suitable.

Short hair with bangs, street shooters tell you how to best fit
side fringe

When Liu Hai is too long, he can separate the bangs by 4/6. Can also be integrated with the LOB.

Thick bangs

Relatively thick short hair style, it is best to use a thicker bangs to match, in order to appear not abrupt, do not use air bangs.

The fluffy LOB head, in addition to the air bangs, can also give yourselbig side, and then put the bangs behind the ear, is also a good way to let the hair naturally rise.
Liu Hai to the eyebrows

For a straight and short straight hair BOB head, the bangs should not exceed the eyebrows, which is the most suitable length.
The bangs with the head of the elf, the longest part, do not exceed the eyebrows. Otherwise it will look very embarrassing.

Posted by kestoe at 1:46 AM EDT
Updated: Thursday, 13 September 2018 1:55 AM EDT
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Saturday, 25 August 2018
simple atmosphere
Mood:  happy
Topic: Idyllic lady
If you don't like the above method, you can make long straight hair into a simple low hair and improve your temperament.
Idyllic lady braided tutorial illustration literary low ponytail is so beautiful

The hair is concentrated in the back and tied with a rubber band into a ponytail. Then, three braids are simply braided and the tail is folded inward.

Use a pointed comb to gently pick up the hair from the top of the head and lift it slightly to make the hair looser and more natural.

The hair ends are slightly entangled, covered with rubber bands, and then the hairpin is used to fix the hair ends.

Posted by kestoe at 2:32 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 21 August 2018
Stylish and beautiful Korean hair style
Now Playing: Let your stylish Korean hair style
Korean style is very beautiful, how beautiful, you can see the stylish Korean style haircut. The fashion-style Korean-style hair-styling method is simple and uncomplicated. It only uses delicately entangled hair to present a subtle feeling, with a silver-colored headwear as a fixed, accentuating a sense of elegance.

The Korean-style hair style, which is based on the twist of the twist, is very delicate. The natural hairless hair hangs around, which is a messy beauty.

Putting long curls up, especially leaving a few hair ends to make a very good embellishment. The blue lavender and butterfly headdress all over the place presents a romantic feel and is very beautiful.

Every hair of this Korean-style hair style seems to be full of rationality, three-dimensional shape, and finally used white lace hair as a foil to successfully enhance the femininity.

The combination of long braids and discs is very elegant. It is more suitable for MM with long hair and more hair. Take the hair on the side and put the remaining hair into a three-pointed ponytail. It is best to use flower headwear to fix and decorate, pure and beautiful.


Putting a long curly hair into a petal shape is a test of the stylist's skill, but it is undeniable that such a Korean flower petal dish is really beautiful.

The layers of the twisted braids are stylish and elegant, and they are very sensible. When all the hair is turned up, your shape will be more refreshing.

The brown-red hair color is very flamboyant. After the Korean-style twisted burlap, the overall hairstyle is even more dazzling. The purple and white garland falls on the top of the head. It is the combination of publicity and elegance, which is equal to beauty.

The natural fluffy Korean style is very casual, with a casual feel, and the large headgear is wrapped around the entire hair, which is beautiful.

Korean style flower hair is now a lot of MM like a kind of hair, flower-shaped hair shape is cute and sweet, and finally use a few small flower headwear to decorate, which can make the whole hair more fashionable and colorful.

This year's new Korean style hair style is fashionable and beautiful, and it is very popular among MMs. I believe that you are no exception. When you are free, you may also try to try Korean style and make yourself look more beautiful.

Posted by kestoe at 3:52 AM EDT
Updated: Tuesday, 21 August 2018 3:59 AM EDT
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