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A high sense of enthusiasm

Long hair is always inevitably a bit monotonous, want to create a sense of high quality or look up the best, autumn is coming, introduce a few good low-profile tutorials for everyone, let's see how to tie it!

Double-layer twisting

The simple double-layered low hair can make the hairstyle look more layered. Just split the hair into two layers, then put the hair into the rolled hair and it's OK!

Japanese princess

If you want the hair to look firmer and thicker, you can first divide the hair into two pieces and tie it into three strands, then tie the three strands together and twist them together. If you want your human hair wigs to look more casual and lazy, it is recommended to burn your hair.

Sweet and low hair

Looks like a casual low hair, lazy and full of femininity.

Intellectual elegance and low hair

It takes only 2 easy steps to make the ordinary low hair look elegant and beautiful.

First comb a low ponytail and tie the middle part of the hair into a scorpion; then tie the remaining hair into a scorpion, and the two scorpions are rolled up and fixed.

Leisure wreath low hair

This hairstyle is like a beautiful garland on the head, it is very suitable for a holiday.

First divide the hair into left and right, high and low two, tied into a twist braid, and then rolled into the hair with a clip to fix, and finally add hair accessories is OK!